We Are Passioned,
Creative & Engaged

Let us introduce ourselves: we are a team of 57 FLOOR studio. We create awesome mobile apps, and that’s our real passion.

  • We really love what we do. We love creating new apps, designing, programming, communicating with our users, and even testing!
  • We are not novices. 57 FLOOR exists as a studio since 2019, but each member of our team has many years of experience and dozens of successfully completed projects.
  • We think that playing games and using fancy apps help people to become more creative, maintain brain health and keep a positive mood. That’s why mobile apps development is the best work we can dream of.

Dzmitry Afanasenka
Programming / Client Service

Kate Romankova
Graphic Design

Dzmitry Kapinus

Victoria Parchinskaya
Copywriting / Testing


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